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On November 9, I had the pleasure of attending Erin’s French’s book signing.   Erin, who is the owner of The Lost Kitchen, a restaurant in Freedom, ME, was featured at Rainy Day Books in Kansas City.   Her new book is entitled Big Heart Little Stove.    The Lost Kitchen is believed by many to be the best restaurant in the country.  The restaurant is so popular that reservations are done via postcards in a lottery type drawing.   What draws me to Erin is that she has no formal training in culinary arts, she learned to cook working in father’s diner when she was very young.    She has done pop up dinners in her small apartment (hence the name for Big Heart Small Stove).   She also rebuilt an airstream trailer which enabled her to do dinners at farms, orchards, and other venues.    She has been successful despite many setbacks that she had to overcome.

For the formal presentation, Erin was accompanied and interviewed by Zoe Francois, a baker, whose new cookbook is Zoe Bakes Cakes.   Both have television shows on the Magnolia Network.  Que up the list for this winter’s binge watching!

Here are some things that Erin said I could identify with:

  • Butter is her favorite ingredient (she often adds more when the cameramen are not looking). Mine too!
  • She likes to keep her table settings unstuffy by using vintage, mismatched china. She often gets the comment “I haven’t seen this pattern since my mother died”.   Many of you know that I am a hoarder when it comes to china. 
  • She likes the Maya Angelou quote – “People will forget what you said and what you did but they will not forget how you made them feel”.
  • When planning menus, she thinks about how she wants her guests to feel.
  • Food is best when it is made with love.

These are all great lessons for someone who owns bed and breakfasts! 

I have made “A Skillet of Scallops with Cedar, Chorizo and Lime” which was fantastic.   More updates to come as I make other items from her book.