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Part of the joy in living in wine country is getting to know local artists, wine makers, and farmers.  Opportunities abound to “shop local” and to experience products grown and produced in a close proximity to the bed and breakfast.  The terroir of the area really shines in these local products. The H.S. Clay House Bed and Breakfast embraces this ethos, offering guests a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture. Through partnerships with local artisans and winemakers, guests can savor the true essence of the region. Whether it’s a stroll through the vineyards, a visit to a nearby farm, or a tasting of locally crafted wines and cheeses, every experience at H.S. Clay House is a celebration of the bounty and beauty of wine country living.

Robller Wine and Cool Cow Cheeses: A Perfect Pairing of Taste and Tradition!

Recently, I had the opportunity to do a wine and cheese tasting at Robller Winery in New Haven, MO. New Haven is located about 25 minutes from the HS Clay House, and the wines from Robller are made in the French style. Included in the tasting were cheeses from Cool Cow Cheese, which is located in Owensville, MO. Winemaker Jerry Mueller hosted the wine tasting and Tom Blatchford was the cheese maker. These friends have been doing tastings together for more than 10 years!

Every Sip Tells a Story

Robller Winery’s philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that great wines are a product of their environment. The winery focuses on expressing the unique terroir of its site, rather than emphasizing varietal distinctions. By carefully selecting a blend of five varieties, Robller aims to capture the essence of its location, creating wines that are truly representative of the site. This approach results in wines that are not only distinctive but also reflective of the character and quality of the vineyard.

One of the key aspects of Robller’s winemaking process is its commitment to blending. While single varietal bottlings can be excellent, Robller believes that blending allows for a more complete expression of the vineyard’s character. Each varietal is seen as a building block, contributing to the final blend that best represents the site. This approach acknowledges the variability of each vintage, as the proportions of each varietal in the blend can change from year to year. Despite these variations, the overarching character of the site remains the focus of each wine produced.

Robller Winery’s commitment to quality and terroir expression is evident in its unique winemaking practices. The winery is a monopole producer, meaning it operates from a single location and owns the vineyards where its grapes are grown. This hands-on approach extends to the vineyards themselves, which are divided into small blocks, each meticulously cared for to ensure optimal grape quality. The result is a range of wines that are rich and full-bodied, with a creamy texture and a hint of minerality. Robller is located a couple of miles from the Missouri River and their vines reach a limestone formation which gives them a great minerality.  While the wines are tremendous by themselves, they were even better with the pairing of the Cool Cow Cheese.


Here were some of my favorite pairings:

  • Gouda Cheese with a Fuji Apple and a Reserve Vignole wine
  • Mo Special Cheese with the Reserve Vignole
  • Havarti Cheese and Vignole wine
  • 2019 LeTrompier with an appetizer of cracker/pesto/sun dried tomato
  • Seyval wine with a bread & butter pickle, pat of butter, gouda cheese and crusty bread (perhaps this is a version of a Ploughman’s Lunch?)

It was a delightful afternoon and the pairings were amazing.   I left with several cheeses and wine to accompany them.

Savor the Moment: Robller Wine and Cool Cow Cheeses, a Pairing to Please Your Palate!

On May 11th, I will be hosting a Robller tasting at the HS Clay House. Join us for an exquisite evening of wine and cheese pairing! Indulge in a delightful Robller wine tasting featuring selections expertly paired with artisanal cheeses from Cool Cow Cheese. Limited space is available for this exclusive event, so be sure to book your spot soon at one of our two taste times! Experience the perfect blend of flavors in a charming and intimate setting, making it an evening to remember. Don’t miss this opportunity to treat your palate to a sensational culinary experience.

Reserve your place today and elevate your wine and cheese appreciation to new heights!

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