History of H.S. Clay House

The Ultimate Bed & Breakfast Experience in Augusta, Missouri

September 8, 1881 the “St. Charles Demokrat” reported that Dr. Hampson Strother Clay intended to become a physician in Augusta. Before locating in Augusta, Dr. Clay, an 1873 graduate of the Missouri Medical College, had lived in Darst Bottom where he practiced medicine for about eight years. He became known as “one of the leading physicians” of that part of Missouri.

Dr. Clay built this house in 1885 for his second wife, Marie Koch Clay. They then began raising their family of four sons and five daughters. Soon after the birth of their ninth child Dr. Clay passed away from congenital heart disease leaving Marie to raise their family. All of their sons eventually became doctors. One of the daughters (Mabel) became a nurse and two of the daughters became teachers.

Marie lived in the home from 1886 until September 1948 when she moved to Popular Bluff to live with her son Dr. Hampson Strother Clay. Marie passed away in December of 1955 at the age of 92. Originally the property encompassed one square city block containing Dr. Clay’s office at the corner of Walnut and Ferry, a horse barn, an orchard and their residence. ​

The home was eventually sold out of the Clay family in 1956 for $5,500.00 and was subdivided into two pieces of property. The next owners added the “first” bathroom and central heating in the house. In 1986 restoration was begun to restore the home to it’s former grandeur by a general contractor. Now purchased by Kelly Dolan who has  worked to celebrate the home’s historical value while creating a modern and luxurious experience.

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